Superb image quality with high Detective Quantum Efficiency (DQE)

The proprietary angiography flat-panel detector offers one of the industry’s highest ratings for Detective Quantum Efficiency (DQE), a parameter internationally acknowledged as an index of detector performance in contrast- and dose-limited imaging performed in clinical studies. High DQE enables better-quality images at the same dose, or the same quality image at a lower dose.

Optimal detector size adds clinical versatility

With a 31×31 cm square (12.2 in) panel, you have the right size you need to achieve all kinds of interventional procedures

Offset C-arm

With its unique offset C-Arm, the Innova IGS 3 enables improved access to patient head in complex interventions and helps cover head to groin without moving the gantry.


Clear access to patients during interventions

Thanks to the exclusive design of the C-arm, you get unrestricted access to the patient’s head for anesthesia and nursing.
In addition, the C-arm design allows you to perform 3D rotational acquisitions of the spine and torso as well as patient’s head while intubated.

Simple, centralized, automated controls

Control your system and images with integrated, intuitive tableside controls. With simple menus, the central touchscreen lets you control most system functions, configure the system, modify imaging parameters, control your large display monitor3, and manipulate advanced applications—all at the tableside. The comfortable, easy-to-grasp control knob makes it easy to pan the table, position the gantry, and perform procedures.

Lower dose by design

GE designs systems from the ground up with the tried and trusted GE imaging chain, optimized to provide the image clarity you need while helping you keep dose as low as possible. Our dose-reduction features empower you to easily optimize and personalize dose settings from the tableside, while maintaining clinical details you need to make well-informed decisions. But improving dose management takes a strategy—what we call the GE Blueprint. It includes low-dose imaging technologies for minimally invasive procedures, but also considers the people, culture, and processes around them.


Advanced patient contouring technology that uses a capacitive sensor to assess movement of the gantry and select the optimal position for the image receptor relative to the patient.



3DCT HD provides fine image details simultaneously on cross-sections and volume rendered to help you clearly visualize vessels, small devices, and soft tissues.


The offset C-arm permits fast-spin rotational angiography over a maximum range of 200° at variable speeds from 20° to 40°/sec (maximum speed of 30°/s from LAO to RAO) with flexible cranio/caudal oblique angulations. The enhanced InnovaSpinTM trajectories are not constrained to a single transverse plane and can be used at oblique angulations within physical constraints.3


Follow the contrast bolus in real-time subtracted images, using variable panning speed control, with an easy workflow. Image pasting will enable visualization of  the entire length of the subtracted bolus chase on a single image.4